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Licensing - "Invalid voucher code. Please try again." Why is my voucher invalid?


I enter my voucher number on the Xilinx license entitlement site and get the following message;

Invalid voucher code. Please try again.

This article will cover the various reasons why a voucher code may seem invalid or cannot be redeemed.

Why is my vouchercode invalid?

I cannot redeem my voucher code.

My voucher code placed the wrong product in my entitlement account.


Voucher numbers or codes are providedtwo ways:via emailor from a paper voucher code that looks similar to a coupon. Paper vouchers are included in a board kit package.

There are a couple of reasons why a voucher code would be invalid or "seem invalid."

  • It is possible thatyou or someone else redeemed the voucher already at the Xilinx Product Licensing Site. Look under the "Manage Licenses" tab in your product entitlement account. If the product associated with your voucher is displayed under the "Manage Licenses" tab, this product has already been licensed and is ready to use or re-host.

  • If the product is not displayed under the "Manage License" tab and you receive a message that the voucher is invalid, please contact your point of purchase and provide the voucher number with a screen shot of the voucherif possible.
  • If you redeemed your voucher code and the wrong product appears in your entitlement account,please contact your point of purchase.
    AR# 45537
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