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IBERT Design Assistant - What is the Board Configuration Setting drop down menu used for?


When using the IBERT core wizard in Coregen, on the first page of the wizard is a Board Configuration Setting drop down menu. What does this do and why should this drop down menu be used?

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The Board Configuration setting automatically sets up the IBERT design when targeting a Xilinx development board. This setting greatly simplifies generating a working IBERT design for a board.In general, it will automatically set up the following settings:

  • System Clock source
  • Line Rate
  • Reference Clock
  • GT Count
  • Available quads on the board are assigned a protocol
  • Refclk source

If a Xilinx development board (such as the ML605) is being used as a target for the IBERT core, it is recommended to use this menu when running through the wizard.



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