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AR# 45589

Licensing - For IP core licensing, what is the difference between a Project and a Site license?


What is the difference between a Project and a Site license?

For example, I am trying to decide between purchasing EF-DI-CORE-IP-PROJ (Project license) or EF-DI-CORE-IP-SITE (Site license)?


Both licenses allow for the generation and use of the same feature set.

The Site license limits use of the core to designs developed within a geographical "site".

The Core License Agreement standard terms license use of the core to a single site, which it defines to be the area within a 5 mile radius of a specified "site" address).

The Project license only allows use of the core in a single project.

A "project" is defined to be a single board that is programmed using multiple bitstreams containing the core, or multiple boards that are programmed by a single bitstream containing the core.

Additional information on Site and Project licenses can be found at:


AR# 45589
日期 08/28/2017
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