AR# 45648


Virtex-7, Kintex-7 - Using KC705 or VC707 "Board Configuration Setting" in GTX IBERT uses an incorrect I/O Standard for the system clock


When I use one of the KC705 or VC707 "Board Configuration Settings" in the GTX IBERT core (Kintex-7 or Virtex-7 devices), an incorrect I/O Standard is selected for the system clock.


This issue only affects users who use IBERT under the following conditions:

  • Using ChipScope tool versions 13.1, 13.2, 13.3, 13.4, or 14.1
  • Targeting a KC705 or VC707 development board
  • Using one of the KC705 or VC707 "Board Configuration Settings" when generating the GTX IBERT core

The 200 MHz oscillator that is on the KC705 and VC707 development boards uses a LVDS_25 I/O Standard. The KC705 and VC707 Board Configuration Setting automatically selects a DIFF_SSTL standard, which is incorrect.

To work around the issue, manually select the LVDS_25 setting for the system clock instead of DIFF_SSTL to ensure proper operation of the IBERT design.

This issue is scheduled to be fixed in ChipScope tool version 14.2.




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AR# 45648
日期 07/17/2012
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