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14.2 PlanAhead - How can I copy an IP core to create a slight variation?


I want to create two IP cores (e.g., filter or memory) that have the same settings, except for the coefficients or initial content.

I created the first core and want to make a copy of it as the starting point for the second one. However, I cannot find a way to do that in the PlanAhead or Vivado tools.

In the standalone CORE Generator interface or Project Navigator, I can simply open the first core using "Recustomize and Generate," then change the Component Name and any parameter before selecting Generate. I do not see a similar option in the PlanAhead 14.2 or Vivado 2012.2 tools.


The ability to quickly copy an existing IP will be added in the PlanAhead 14.3 and Vivado 2012.3 tools. It will be a Tcl command line option named copy_ip.


copy_ip -name new_core -verbose [get_ips old_core]

For PlanAhead 14.2 and earlier tools, you can import the existing IP to make a copy of it. In the interface, go to Add Sources -> Add Existing IP. Browse to the existing ".xco" (or ".xci") file and enter a unique name for the imported IP.

AR# 45651
日期 11/08/2013
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