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ISE Simulator - How do you run Post Synthesis Simulation in ISE Project Navigator?


How do you run Post Synthesis Simulation in ISE Project Navigator?


In Project Navigator, there are several different types of simulation available. The simulation types are selected by navigating to theSimulation tab and selecting the appropriate type from the drop-down menu. The options available are as follows:

  • Behavioral
  • Post - Translate
  • Post - MAP
  • Post - Place and Route (Timing)

If you want to run a Post - Synthesis simulation, you will not be able to perform it by the GUI options.

Follow these steps to run simulation:

  1. Create the project in ISE Project Navigator and add all the required modules including the testbench.
  2. Set the module (DUT)you want to perform Post-Synthesis Simulation as the Top Module.
  3. Run Synthesis.
  4. Once the design is synthesized. Expand the Synthesize -> XST option and double-click on Generate Post-Synthesis Simulation Model. This runs NetGen to create the simulation netlist. The output is placed inthe "./netgen/synthesis" folderin your project directory. The file generatedis named: <top_module_name>_synthesis.vhd/v. This file would be a VHDL or Verilog file depending on the source file of the synthesized module. Alternately, you can right-click onGenerate Post-Synthesis Simulation Model and change the value of Simulation Model Target (VHDL/Verilog) as per your needs.
  5. In your "project" directory, create a new ".prj" file. Add the two entries as shown below:
    vhdl/verilog work (or library name)"netgen\synthesis\<top_module_name>_synthesis.vhd/v"
    vhdl/verilog work (or library name) "testbench.vhd/v"

  6. Open the ISE Design Suite Command Prompt and run the following commands (depending on simulation language):
    • Verilog: fuse -intstyle ise -incremental -lib unisims_ver -lib unimacro_ver -lib xilinxcorelib_ver -lib secureip -o x_synthesis.exe -prj new.prj work.<testbench>work.glbl
    • VHDL: fuse -intstyle ise -incremental -lib unisim -lib unimacro -lib xilinxcorelib -lib secureip -o x_synthesis.exe -prj new.prj work.<testbench>

  7. Run the generated simulation executable x_synthesis.exe -gui to open ISIM GUI.
  8. The outputted waveform is the Post-Synthesis Simulation for the design under test.
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