AR# 4572


XABEL: abl2edif.exe failed <abel_file_name>.EDN was not created. Error report not available


Keywords: ABEL, XABEL, ABL2EDIF, failed, not created

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Upon synthesizing ABEL code within the HDL editor, the following error is

abl2edif.exe failed. <abel_file_name>.EDN was not created. Error report not
available. See synthesis -> View Report for details.

When one looks in the report, no error messages are provided.



This is usually a problem with the Windows PATH variable.
Make sure that the PATH variable is set to the exact location of abl2edif.exe.

For example, in Windows 95, this might be:

SET PATH = c:\Xilinx\bin\nt
SET PATH = d:\fndtn\bin\nt;%PATH%

In addition, make sure that appropriate separators are used between different
elements of the path statement.

For example:
SET PATH = c:\Xilinx\bin\nt;c:\winnt\system32;c:\other\path
(make sure the ";" is included).

Note: The path may need to be set in the autoexec.nt file on some NT systems.


The path to the ABEL file may cause this problem if:
1) The file is on a network drive
2) The path contains non DOS compatible directory names
3) The path is longer than 80 characters
AR# 4572
日期 08/12/2003
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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