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CORE Generator - How to Re-generate an IP Core with a new target device in batch mode?


I would like to change the target device of an IP Core that has previously been generated. In the CORE Generator GUI I can do this by changing the target device of the project and selecting regenerate under current project settings.

How can I regenerate the core by changing the device setting in command line or batch mode?


A Core can be re-generated by using the following command :

coregen -b xx.xco -p corgen.cgp

In order re-generate the core in command line or batch mode by changing the device setting, use the following steps:

1. Change the device setting details in the xx.xco file
2. Change the device setting details in thecoregen.cgpfile
3. Once the above change are made and saved, run the following command:

coregen -b xx.xco -p coregen.cgp

Note: Before doing this make sure the Core used is supported for the devices which you want to target.
AR# 45932
日期 12/15/2012
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