AR# 46008


LogiCORE IP Serial RapidIO Gen2 v1.3 - 'Common Transport Large System Support' bit in Processing Elements Features CAR not set correctly


Bit-4 (Common Transport Large System Support) of Processing Elements Features CAR at offset x10 in the LOG layer is currently tied to '0'. This is correct if DEVICEID_WIDTH (i.e., "Device IDs") inthe CORE Generatorinterfaceis selected to use 8-bit Device IDs. However, if it is selected to use 16-bit Device IDs, this bit should be set to '1'.


This is a known issue that is to be fixed in thenext release of the core. This issue does not affect core functionality. The core generated with 16-bit Device IDs would still work, but the Processing Elements Features CAR would not show that the core supports them.

Revision History
01/25/2012- Initial Release

AR# 46008
日期 05/19/2012
状态 Active
Type 已知问题
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