AR# 46017


Kintex-7 FPGA KC705 Base TRD - Low memory systems may hang when running Base Targeted Reference Design


What would cause the system to hang after starting the data traffic on the Performance GUI?


On some machines with low memory the system can hang after the Application GUI is invoked and a test is started. The default value for the number of the data buffers on each data path is set to 4000 in the driver. On systemswith low memory this largenumber can cause a memory allocation issue. To work around this issue, reduce the number ofdata buffers.

Make the following changes to reduce the number of data buffers used by the DMA:
(Note reducing the number of data buffers could reduce the performance of the Kintex-7 Base TRD)

Change the macroDMA_BD_CNT to 1999 in the file linux_driver/xdma/xdma_base.c
Change themacroNUM_BUFSto2000 in the file linux_driver/xrawdata0/sguser.c
Change themacroNUM_BUFS to2000 in the file linux_driver/xrawdata1/sguser.c



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AR# 46017
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