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Licensing - Is there a limit to the geographical distance a user can be from the server when accessing a "Site license" for a LogiCORE IP feature?


We have an employee/student that wants to VPN into the license server. Is this acceptable within our license agreement?

Is there a geographical limit to the distance a site license can serve?

How far away can we be when using a VPN to connect into a server, and still be within our licensing agreements?


It is acceptable to access a site license through VPN, as long as the person that is accessing the license remotely is within a 5-mile radius of the licensed site.

See the full Xilinx License Agreement for more information:

Typically, site licenses only apply to LogiCORE IP features.

See also:
(Xilinx Answer 45589) Licensing - For IP core licensing, what is the difference between a Project and a Site license?

AR# 46071
日期 08/28/2017
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