AR# 4614


1.5 LCA2NCD: Error: baslc 30:can't load LCA: bad design record (part_number)


General Description: 


Upon running the lca2ncd executable from the command 

prompt (lca2ncd <file_name>.lca <file_name>.ncd), the following error is 



Error: baslc 30:can't load LCA: bad design record (part_number) 


For certain users, this error occurs in M1.5 but does not occur in M1.4.


Ensure that the relevant device family is installed in M1.5. 


The installation default settings have changed for certain device 

families between M1.4 and M1.5, and therefore if that family is not 

installed, the lca2ncd executable cannot access the particular part 

and thus returns a bad design record. Examples of families affected 

include the XC3000A, XC3100A, and XC5200. 


The lca2ncd executable itself has not been changed from M1.4 to M1.5.

AR# 4614
日期 02/26/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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