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Vivado HLS - How do you run RTL simulation with a standalone RTL simulator?


How do you run RTL simulation with a standalone simulator without invokingC co-simulation?


Vivado HLS

With Vivado HLS, click on Co Simulation icon and check Verilog or VHDL for RTL selection. Optionally, select "Setup Only" to just generate the files. ClickOK to generate the files.

The scripts and wrappers will be generated and placed in the project's solution/sim/verilog (or vhdl) folder. To run simulation with Modelsim, source file.


In the AutoESL tool, open the RTL Simulation dialog and check "Setup Only" to generate RTL wrapper and scripts. The AutoESL tool generates scripts for ModelSim.

When scripts and wrappers have been generated, perform the following steps to run simulation with ModelSim:

  1. change directory to <autoesl project>/solution1/sim/verilog
  2. source
  3. source autosim.modelsim.scr



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