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13.4 EDK - How can I create a custom XMD command or script?


I would like to be able to run several long XMD commands in a single script; how can I do this?


XMD is able to source and run Tcl files. There are two options for accomplishing this goal:

  1. Create a custom Tcl file with the desired "proc"s (processes), and "source myCustomTCL.tcl" in the XMD terminal to source it on-demand
  2. Create a customTcl process, and add it to the $XILINX_EDK/data/xmd/xmdterm.tcl file that is located in the EDK installation directory (Note: administrator/root access may be required to perform this step)

Option 2will add your process-command to the list of commands that XMD uses natively.

An example of how to do this is described in (Xilinx Answer 46251)



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