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PlanAhead - "Error:NetlistWriters:415 - The design contains secured core(s)..."


If I attempt to launch the PlanAhead tool from Project Navigator to analyze an implemented design, the following errors occur:

"Error: [EDIF-95] Could not read top design file [<Project directory path>\Top_module.ngc]"
"Error:NetlistWriters:415 - The design contains secured core(s). Creation of the output netlist is prohibited."

There does not seem to be a problem with the design since it synthesizes and implements completely in the Project Navigator environment.

Is there a way to work around these errors?


The error message is accurate. There is a secure core in the design that cannot be opened or elaborated in the PlanAhead tool.

The PlanAhead toolstill opens, but with a black box for the core.

This issue is most common when a design contains a netlist from a third-party IP provider with a secure attribute on the core.Due to legal reasons, the netlist of some types of security attributes cannot be exposed.

Using a black box attribute for the secured IP core during synthesis allows opening ofthe design inside the PlanAhead tool without the error message.

AR# 46272
日期 01/29/2013
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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