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Partial Reconfiguration - Can a Reconfigurable Partition (RP) region contain static logic?


When a design contains some Partial Reconfiguration modules, is it still possible to place logic from the Static module into the Partial Reconfiguration areas?


Static logic is permitted to exist in a frame that will be reconfigured, as long as:
  1. It is outside of the area group defined by the Pblock (unless forced inside with a LOC constraint),
  2. It does not contain dynamic elements such as block RAM, Distributed (LUT) RAM, or SRLs.
When static logic is placed in a reconfigured frame, the exact functionality of the static logic is rewritten, and is guaranteed not to glitch.
Below is a list of some of the elements that cannot be part of a Partial Reconfiguration module:
  • Global Clock Buffers, Regional Clock Buffers, and Clock Modifying Blocks must be in static logic.
  • Device feature blocks must be in static logic, for example: BSCAN, CAPTURE, DCIRESET, FRAME_ECC,ICAP, KEY_CLEAR, STARTUP, USR_ACCESS
  • All I/Os must reside in static logic.
  • High speed transceivers must remain in the static Partition.




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AR# 46327
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