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7 Series FPGA Design Assistant - Using optimization features from third-party synthesis tools


The following Answer Record discusses how optimization features can be used from third-party synthesis tools to help optimize your design.

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Some third-party synthesis tools such as Synplify Pro have optimization features that can help to improve performance with your design. For more information on synthesis tool settings that should be utilized, see the HDL Coding Practices to Accelerate Design Performance White Paper (WP231):

The following is a list of sections in White Paper 231 that specifically mention the different synthesis tool settings:
  • "Maximize Block RAM Performance"
  • "Use of I/O Registers"
  • "Replicate Registers with High-Fanout"
  • "Nested If-Then-Else, Case Statements, and Combinatorial For-Loops"



AR# 46512
日期 12/15/2012
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