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7 Series Boards and Kits - Where can I find an ISO image of the Fedora 16 live DVD?


7 Series boards and kits, such as the KC705, ship with a live DVD of Fedora 16. This operating system is needed to run the associated Targeted Reference Designs for those boards.

Where can I find an ISO image of this Fedora 16 live DVD?


  1. An ISO image of the Fedora 16.2 live DVD can be obtained by contacting Xilinx Technical Support:, please reference this answer record; (Xilinx Answer 46812).
  2. Copy the ISO image in this ZIP file to a CD/DVD.
  3. Insert this disc into your CD-ROM / DVD drive when prompted in the Kintex-7 KC705 Evaluation Board for the Kintex-7 FPGA User Guide (UG810):


Please see the README file included in this ZIP file before downloading and installing the ISO image.

Note: Fedora Information - Xilinx obtained the Fedora Linux software from Fedora (, and you can download it from the same source. Xilinx made no changes to the software obtained from Fedora. 

If you would like to use the Fedora Linux software in your product, Xilinx encourages that you to obtain the software directly from Fedora (, even though we are providing you with a copy of the corresponding source code as provided to us by Fedora. 

Portions of the Fedora software might be covered by the GNU General Public license, as well as many other applicable open source licenses. 

For more information, please review the source code in detail.

Please see the Fedora Information Disclaimer included in the Kintex-7 FPGA KC705 Evaluation Kit Getting Started Guide (UG883):



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