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IBERT Design Assistant - Using the 2D Transceiver Eye Scan feature for 7-Series IBERT Devices


The 7 Series device family IBERT core has a new feature that can help to evaluate the reliability of a high speed serial link using Xilinx transceivers. The following answer record will provide you with all the information you will need to use this feature in the 7 Series GTX/GTH IBERT cores.

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The 7 Series IBERT core has a RX margin analysis feature that allows you to see a 2D plot of of your transceiver eye margin. This feature is currently only supported in 7 Series devices. For more information on how to use this feature, please refer to the "Scan Settings" section of the ChipScope User Guide:

This section will contain all the information needed to use this feature.



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AR# 46893
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