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Zynq-7000 Debug - How do you program a bitstream using Lauterbach?


It is possible that a software developer using Lauterbach and not familiar with the iMPACT tool needs the PL to be programmed in order to debug his code.

How do you program a bitstream via Lauterbach without using iMPACT?


  1. Run the bitstream through bootgen in order to get the bitstream binary output. See (Xilinx Answer 46913).
    bootgen -image bootimage.bif -split bin -o i BOOT.BIN
  2. Execute the attached zynq_bitstream.cmm script. This script assumes that the system is UP and DDR is already initialized; see (Xilinx Answer 46988). It places the binary bitstream at location 0x00100000. From there uses the devcfg block to program the PL.
    do zynq_bitstream system.bit.bin 0x00100000


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zynq_bitstream.cmm 2 KB CMM



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AR# 47002
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