AR# 47010


13.3 Project Navigator - Generate Tcl file sets incorrect directory when a project with an IP core is rebuilt


The Tcl file generation and rebuilding, run_process is failing to recreate the project state.

My project contains an IP core .xco file.
If I run Project -> Generate Tcl file, then rebuild the project with "xtclsh <project_name>.tcl rebuild_project" or "xtclsh <project_name>.tcl run_process," Implementation fails. The files referenced in the implementation error message (e.g. MAP error) are files related to an IP core in my design.

Is this a problem with the project or the generated Tcl file?


The Tcl file is setting the project to the wrong working directory when regenerating the project.

To work around the issue, comment out the line"project set "Working Directory" "."" in the generated Tcl file.

This issue has been fixed in ISE 13.4 software.



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AR# 47010
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