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MENTOR (Convert Design) - After retargetting my design, the design is empty


After using Convert Design to re-target my design, the design is empty. 


What can cause this?


One possible reason is as follows : 


When running Convert Design, the extract hierarchy function is called. In this part of the script ($LCA/des_arch/da_session.ample), the following line exists: 


$system("cat /tmp/hierarchy_list.tmp | grep -v LCA | grep -v MGC_GENLIB | grep -v primitive > /tmp/hierarchy_list.convert_design");  


NOTE: grep is used to remove references to the libraries so just the design remains. However, if your design is referenced by a location map containing LCA or MGC_GENLIB, it will also be removed and therefore your design becomes empty. 


A work-around is to either change you location map entry or modify this line to read something like the following : 


$system("cat /tmp/hierarchy_list.tmp | grep -v '$LCA/' | grep -v '$MGC_GENLIB' | grep -v primitive > /tmp/hierarchy_list.convert_design");  


This way, only the library paths are removed unless your project references still clash.

AR# 4706
日期 02/26/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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