AR# 47074


Virtex-6 Integrated Block Wrapper v1.7 for PCI Express - Cannot Write to Configuration Space Register of Root Port


I am trying to access the configuration space of the Virtex-6 Integrated Block Wrapper v1.7 for PCI Express.

I am using the provided example design in Root Port configuration.

I have generated the core for VHDL.

After writing a value to a configuration register through the management interface as described in the user guide, it does not work.


In the 'Xilinx_pcie_2_0_rport_v6.vhd' file in the 'example_design' directory, make the following changes:


signal cfg_wr_rw1c_as_wr_n : std_logic;


signal cfg_wr_rw1c_as_wr_n : std_logic := '1';

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AR# 47074
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