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13.x/14.x EDK - ERROR:EDK:1405 File not found in any repository in reference to VHDL library or how to use a PAO file with a standard name for Library and not the lib_version_letter format


When using a pcore with a user library (package with constants) XPS fails while generating the synthesis project files.

If I use the same pcore with ISE it works correctly.

XPS uses the lib entry in the .pao-file to generate the .prj-file of the pcore.

In this prj-file (/synthesis) the lib with the package is not included.

This results in the errors below.

How can the xps-parser be directed to take the lib of the .pao-file.

All files are in the same directory /pcore/name/hdl/vhdl

Example errors:

ERROR:EDK:1405 - File not found in any repository

Generating synthesis project file ...
ERROR:EDK:1405 - File not found in any repository
ERROR:EDK:440 - platgen failed with errors!
make: *** [implementation/xps_ll_temac_0_wrapper.ngc]


Solution 1:

The line defining the lib is below :

lib defines ka81_defines vhdl

You need to create a directory hierarchy and copy the appropriate files into it, for example:


It now works because the package is in a valid path and can be shared by several pcores.

The example attached has a simple (dummy) pcore that uses another directory for another entity (dummy).

This other library is call mylib.

mylib contains 2 files, a vhdl file lib and the required pao file.

In the pcores that need this "mylib" modify:

 1- the pao file order and add "lib mylib all" before the rest of your files.

 2- the vhdl files -> library mylib; use mylib.all;

You can then use the lib.

For example:  

my_inst: entity mylib.test port map( inp => Bus2IP_Data, outp => IP2Bus_Data );

In the attached, the pcore cip1 uses mylib and that goes through the flow.

Solution 2:

"ERROR:EDK:1405 - File not found in any repository" can also occur on a Windows machine if the project path is too long. 

It is recommended to copy the project to c:\temp\ for example and retry with the shorter path.


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