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LogiCORE IP Serial RapidIO Gen2 v1.4 - Where can I find a list of debug signals?


LogiCORE IP Serial RapidIO Gen2 v1.4 core has an additional port where signalsthatmight be helpful in debugging have been brought out. A list of all those signalsis given in the table below:




phy_debug[0] IDLE2 selected
phy_debug[1] mode 1x
phy_debug[2] IDLE1 selected
phy_debug[3] port initialized
phy_debug[4] rx lane r
phy_debug[5] gtrx chanbonden
phy_debug[9:6] 0
phy_debug[13:10] gtrx chanisaligned
phy_debug[29:14] gtrx chariscomma
phy_debug[33:30] gttx inhibit
phy_debug[34] gtrx reset req
phy_debug[35] Nxlanes aligned
phy_debug[36] Nxlanes rdy
phy_debug[37] 1x mode detected
phy_debug[41:38] init state
phy_debug[42] out of sync
phy_debug[95:43] 0
phy_debug[96] rfr sent
phy_debug[97] lreq sent
phy_debug[98] pna sent
phy_debug[99] pr sent
phy_debug[100] lresp sent
phy_debug[101] mce sent
phy_debug[102] pa sent
phy_debug[103] sent init cs
phy_debug[104] send lreq
phy_debug[105] link reset
phy_debug[159:106] 0
phy_debug[160] send pna
phy_debug[161] pna detect
phy_debug[162] send pr
phy_debug[163] pr detect
phy_debug[164] output error stop
phy_debug[165] output retry stop
phy_debug[166] input error stop
phy_debug[167] input retry stop
phy_debug[191:168] 0
phy_debug[196:192] cause field for outgoing PNAs
phy_debug[197] output fatal error detect
phy_debug[198] output recoverable error detect
phy_debug[199] input retry detect
phy_debug[200] input recoverable error detect
phy_debug[201] OLLM RXin packet
phy_debug[202] OLLM RXframing sop
phy_debug[203] OLLM RXframing eop
phy_debug[204] OLLM RXframing discontinue
phy_debug[223:205] 0

Note: Please connect the above signals only if it is absolutely necessary. Connecting any of these will have a negative impact on timing closure.

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