AR# 473


Possible cause of Error 'tl2035 the xnf file cannont be read by XEMAKE'


Processing hierarchical designs under XDM/XEMAKE fails, giving the

following error:

tl2035: The file 'xnf/sub.1', which is needed to build 'top', is missing

or can not be read by XEMAKE. Verify that this file exists and has

read access.


If the xnf files produced by SDT2XNF/WIR2XNF/XNFMERGE are written to a

subdirectory, this problem will occur. XEMAKE gets confused and attempts

to look for the subschematics in that subdirectory. The tutorial UARTTOP

exhibits this problem.

1. Run XEMAKE with the "-r" option (force execution of all commands), or

2. Choose to write out the xnf files produced by SDT2XNF/WIR2XNF/XNFMERGE

into the current design directory, rather than into a subdirectory.
AR# 473
日期 12/08/2011
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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