AR# 4730


4.2i Foundation - Simulation of an HDL or mixed design with CORE Generator or LogiBLOX leads to "Warning 9199: Unknown component..."


Keywords: Foundation, Express, macro, LogiBLOX, CORE Generator, COREGen, checkpoint, simulation, netlist, unknown, component simulation

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I use Foundation for functional simulation, the simulator does not acknowledge instantiated CORE Generator, LogiBLOX, or other netlist-based modules, and the following warning message is produced:

"...unknown component..."

This will happen anytime a CORE Generator or LogiBLOX module is include in an HDL design (macro or top-level).



For the functional simulation to work properly, the CORE Generator and LogiBLOX modules must be merged into the design netlist (flattened).

To flatten the netlist, run "Translate" in the flow engine. To stop the process after Translate, you may either press the stop button, or, once the flow engine begins (the translate stage), go to "Setup" and select "Stop after..." to define the stopping point. This step will merge all the components of the design into a single .ngd file.

Next, from within Foundation Project Manager, select Tools -> Simulation/Verification -> Checkpoint Gate Simulation Control. Select the<design_name>.ngd for functional simulation.


To simulate a particular component netlist (.edn file) by itself:

- In the Project Manager window, select Tools -> Simulation/Verification -> Gate Simulator.

- In the resulting pop-up window, select "Netlist to load", click "OK", then select Netlist -> Open. You are now ready to simulate.
AR# 4730
日期 08/12/2003
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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