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AR# 47304

Aurora 8B10B v8.1/64B66B v7.1 and 7-series Transceiver Wizard (ISE 14.1/Vivado 2012.1) - How to generate Aurora cores/GT wrappers for XQ7VX690T/TL RF1930 device?


XQ7VX690T/TL RF1930is a new device addition in ISE 14.1/Vivado 2012.1.Aurora (8B10B/64B66B) and 7-series Transceiver Wizard cannot generate cores for this device. This answer record provides a workaround to get the Aurora cores and the GTwrappers for this device.


Aurora/GT wizard cores can be generated for XC7VX690T/TL FFG1930 device.

If it is required to generate the Aurora Core or the Aurora GT wrapper in 7 Series Transceiver Wizard for an XQ7VX690T/TL RF1930 device, generate the core/wrapper by selecting XC7VX690T/TL FFG1930 device. This design can be targeted to XQ7VX690T/TL RF1930 device without any problem.

Replace XC7VX690T/TL FFG1930 with XQ7VX690T/TL RF1930 device in the xst.scr file if the implementation scripts generated with the example design are used.

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04/13/2012 - Initial Release

AR# 47304
日期 05/16/2012
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Type 已知问题
  • 7 Series FPGAs Transceivers Wizard
  • Aurora 8B/10B
  • Aurora 64B/66B