AR# 47341


7 series Integrated Block Wrapper for PCI Express v1.3 - m_axis_rx_tlast never assert on 128-bit interface GEN2 x8 core


Why is m_axis_rx_tlast never asserted when it is used with 128-bit interface GEN2 x8 core?


m_axis rx_tlast is only used for 32-bit and 64-bit interfaces only. When the core is configured with 128-bit interface, this signal is not used. Users must look at the m_axis_rx_tuser to check Start of Frame (SOF) and End of Frame (EOF) flags.

This is because in 128-bit interface, the core supports straddled packets. In straddled packets, the SOF and EOF can happen at the same clock cycle.

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AR# 47341
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