AR# 47351


7 Series MMCM Spread Spectrum support details


Spread Spectrum (SS)feature is supported according to the 7 Series Clocking Resources User Guide. How can this feature be implemented?


There is limited support for the Spread Spectrum (SS)feature in the MMCM in 7 series,ISE 13.4and after.The feature must be implemented by setting the appropriate attributes on an MMCM HDL instantiation.

Timing tools do not take spread spectrum into account in ISE Design Suite, so the user will have to manually account for the spread in timing constraints.

Timing for SS is supported in Vivado 2013.1

After reviewing the 7 Series Clocking Resources User Guide section on this topic, please contact Xilinx Technical Support for additional questions on the spread spectrum clocking feature of the MMCM.



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51561 7 Series - Manual Timing Adjustment required when using a MMCM with Spread Spectrum Clocks. N/A N/A
AR# 47351
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