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13.4 EDK - MicroBlaze DMIPS versus Microcontroller Usage


The MicroBlaze Information Page lists both Microcontroller and DMIPS benchmarks. What are the differences between the two?


DMIPS is a Dhrystone-MIPS benchmark, which has some restrictions as to what can be enabled andtested. More information can actually be found on the ikipedia entry on Dhrystone:

In a nutshell, the Dhrystone does not benchmark anything that uses Floating Point, it only measures program iteration *completions* per second, rather than instructions, and so on. It is generally used as a standard to compare different processors/architectures, and does nottake peripherals into account (in order to keep the "standard' a standard)

In the "Microcontroller" configuration, we enable a larger test system (peripherals, etc) set for comparison, which is why the usage is higher. This is the configuration you should expect to see the numbers listed under normal use-cases

AR# 47391
日期 11/13/2012
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