AR# 47442


14.5 - MAP: INIT property does not work for the ODDR2 primitive


If the INIT parameter of the ODDR2 primitive is set to '1' in the HDL code, this parameter is not propagated after MAP and the post-MAP simulation shows an incorrect value.


ODDR2 in Sparant-6 has a generic parameter called: INIT, which sets up the initial value for the ODDR2 output.

If you initialize the output to one (INIT => '1'), in the Behavioral and post-Translate process this parameter remains correct. 

However, when the design is Mapped, the INIT parameter is changed to '0'.

This can be seen by examining the implementation in FPGA Editor, and checking the SRINIT_OQ property of the corresponding ODDR2.

This problem is fixed for ISE 14.6.

To work around this issue in earlier revisions, manually edit this parameter in the FPGA Editor.


AR# 47442
日期 01/19/2015
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