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Vivado DSP Tools - System Generator for DSP 2012.1 - What is the list of blocks removed from System Generator?


What is the list of blocks removed from System Generator for Vivado design tools?


The list of blocks removed from System Generator for Vivado design tools is as follows:

CIC Compiler 1.1
CIC Compiler 1.2
CIC Compiler 1.3
CIC Compiler 2.0
Complex Multiplier 3.0
Complex Multiplier 3.1
Complex Multiplier 4.0
Convolution Encoder 7.0
Convolutional Encoder v3_0
Convolutional Encoder v6_0
DDS Compiler 2.1
DDS Compiler 3.0
DDS Compiler 4.0
xbsIndex_r4/DAFIR v9_0
DDS Compiler v1_1
DDS v4_0
DDS v5_0
DSP48 Macro'
DSP48 Macro/Xo'
DSP48 Macro/Yo'
DSP48 Macro/No'
DSP48 Macro/DSP48'
DSP48 Macro/xlmacroissueengine'
DSP48 Macro/xlreinterpretdsp48macro'
DSP48 Macro/P'
Divider Generator 2.0
Divider Generator 3.0
EDK Processor'
EDK Processor/Copyright'
FFT v1_0
FFT v3_1
FFT v3_2
FFT v4_1
FFT v5_0
FIR Compiler 4.0
FIR Compiler 5.0
FIR Compiler 6.0
FIR Compiler 6.1
FIR Compiler 6.2
FIR Compiler v1_0
FIR Compiler v2_0
FIR Compiler v3_0
FIR Compiler v3_1
FIR Compiler v3_2
Fast Fourier Transform 6.0
Fast Fourier Transform 7.0
Fast Fourier Transform 7.1
From FIFO'
From Register'
Interleaver Deinterleaver 5.1
Interleaver Deinterleaver v4_0
Interleaver Deinterleaver v5_0
Interleaver//De-interleaver 6.0
Multiple SubsystemGenerator'
PicoBlaze InstructionDisplay'
PicoBlaze InstructionDisplay/Instruction'
PicoBlaze InstructionDisplay/Program Counter'
PicoBlaze InstructionDisplay/BusCreator'
PicoBlaze InstructionDisplay/Clock Probe'
PicoBlaze InstructionDisplay/Constant'
PicoBlaze InstructionDisplay/Constant0'
PicoBlaze InstructionDisplay/Instruction Gate'
PicoBlaze InstructionDisplay/MultiportSwitch'
PicoBlaze InstructionDisplay/PC Gate'
PicoBlaze InstructionDisplay/Write Display'
PicoBlaze InstructionDisplay/Write Display/In1'
PicoBlaze InstructionDisplay/Write Display/Trigger'
PicoBlaze InstructionDisplay/Write Display/S-Function'
RS Decoder v5_1
RS Decoder v6_0
RS Encoder v5_0
RS Encoder v6_0
Reed-Solomon Decoder 6.1
Reed-Solomon Decoder 7.0
Reed-Solomon Decoder 7.1
Reed-Solomon Encoder 6.1
Reed-Solomon Encoder 7.0
Reed-Solomon Encoder 7.1
Resource Estimator'
Shared Memory'
Shared Memory Read'
Shared Memory Write'
To Register'
VDMA Interface 4.0
VDMA Interface 5.0
Viterbi Decoder 7.0
Viterbi Decoder v5_0
Viterbi Decoder v6_0
Viterbi Decoder v6_1

For System Generator for DSP Release Notes from other versions, see (Xilinx Answer 29595).



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