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Foundation F1.5: Automation Caused an Exception; Exit Code 80010104, 800706ba


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General Description:

When running the Foundation F1.5 Project Manager, you may see the following

Automation Caused an Exception: Exit Code 80010104, 800706ba



One solution has been to reinstall the software, making sure to install the default
set of libraries along with any other device families you wish to use. With Foundation
F1.5, certain dependancy issues between device data files existed, and this issue
is resolved by installing all of the default devices.
We also advise users to first uninstall the software before reinstalling it.


This error has been seen to occur after installing the Xilinx 1.5 Service Pack #1.
The Foundation 1.5i software may have been working properly before installing the
Service Pack, then this automation error occurs after the Service Pack is installed.

If you have installed the Foundation Express update, be sure to run the batch file
called "license_upd.bat". This batch file will update required DLLs and will
re-initialize the automation.

Reboot the system after installing the Service Pack and the error should go away.


If running under Windows NT, be sure that you have administrative priviledges
when you install. If you do not, the registry will not be updated, and these errors
will occur. The automation of the Foundation tools relies on the registry being
properly updated by the installer.


This can happen with a Base or Base Express if the XC3100L family is installed
WITHOUT the XC3000L. It does not matter if you are targetting this family or not,
you will still get the errors if 3100L is even installed and 3000L is not.

To resolve it, you have 2 choices:

If you wish to use the XC3100L family, then you must also install the XC3000L. Refer
to (Xilinx Solution 4583) for information on adding additional devices to the install.

If you do not wish to use the XC3100L family, then do not install it at all.

This particular cause of the problem is fixed in the F1.5i release.


In both 1.5 and 1.5i, this problem can occur when opening a project or trying to
implement a project. The project will open with errors or a project will not implement
at all.

The reason for this error is because the PATH variable in the environment settings
is not pointing to the correct path. Be sure that the PATH variable is pointing to

This can be checked:
in NT-- right click on MY COMPUTER => Properties => Environment Tab.

in Win95 -- run sysedit from the start button.
AR# 4767
日期 06/10/2002
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