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AR# 47730

PlanAhead - Multiple synthesis and implementation runs cannot be launched together


In the PlanAhead tool, when I select multiple synthesis (synth_*) and implementation (impl_*) runs and attempt to launch them all at the same time, or if I launch multiple impl_* runs whose parent synth_* run have not been launched, errors similar to the following occur:

ERROR: [Common-69] Command failed: Parent run 'synth_2' needs to be run before 'impl_3' can be launched

And none of the runs will be launched or only one impl_* run will complete.

What is the problem?


Multiple synthesis and implementation runs cannot be launched together, as shown in the image below:

You must launch synthesis runs separately from implementation runs. All the synthesis runs must be completed prior to the implementation runs launching. For the above example, you can launch the two synthesis runs together. After the two synthesis runs complete, the five implementation runs can be launched together.

The Vivado 2013.3 tool starts the support of launching multiple synthesis and implementation runs together.

AR# 47730
日期 11/12/2013
状态 Archive
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