AR# 47839


14.1 - ISE Install - ERROR:EDK - Invalid architecture 'zynq' specified


I have installed the WebPACK ISE 14.1 design tools. However, when I try target a Zynq device, I get the error message below:

ERROR:EDK - Invalid architecture 'zynq' specified

How can I fix this?


This has been verified as an install issue, where the WebPACK selection is not installing the Zynq devices.
To work around this issue,rerun the installer and selectthe Logic Edition. This will install the devices.
The WebPACK design toolslicense will continue to work for the WebPACK devices in the Logic Edition software.

Note: If the WebPack license is used with the Logic Edition, an error message similar to below will pop up

Click OK hereto open theXilinx License Configuration Manager. Once this is complete there should be no other issues.

AR# 47839
日期 05/19/2012
状态 Active
Type 已知问题
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