AR# 47867


14.1 Install - Why does the WebPACK install not include the Zynq SoC devices?


After installing the WebPACK ISE 14.1 design tools, I attempt to target a Zynq SoC device but receive the following error below:

"ERROR:EDK - Invalid architecture 'zynq' specified"

How can I fix this problem?


This has been verified as an install issue, where the WebPACK selection is not installing Zynq SoC devices.

To work around this issue, install the Logic Edition version of the Design Tools. The Logic Edition contains all the devices needed to support the Zynq-7000 SoC devices. You must still register for a WebPACK license as usual from the following site:

The downloaded installation files include all editions, so you do not have to download any further files. The install size will be larger as it includes all the devices. Following are the differences in the install sizes between WebPACK and Logic Edition:

WebPACK install size - 14579 MB
Logic Edition install size - 17054 MB



AR# 47867
日期 05/17/2018
状态 Archive
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