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AR# 47880

MIG DDR2/DDR3 - ERROR: Memory overflow. You must increase the MEM_BITS parameter or define MAX_MEM


Why do I get the following error while simulating my MIG design?

ERROR: Memory overflow.Write to Address 000400 with Data xxxxxxxx1f1b1713 will be lost.

# You must increase the MEM_BITS parameter or define MAX_MEM.


This error is due to limitation in the Micron memory model which sets MEM_BITS equal to 10 by default.

You will find MAX_MEM mentioned in the model, but you will need to set it to a proper value n the *.vh file located in the ./sim directory, or you can set this via the command line using one of the following examples:

Simulator command line:

ModelSim vsim -MEM_BITS=8 <memory_model>
NC-Verilog ncverilog +defparam+ <memory_model>.MEM_BITS=8 ddr2.v
VCS vcs -pvalue+MEM_BITS=8 <memory_model>.v

AR# 47880
日期 11/23/2016
状态 Active
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