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Vivado Timing - How does config_timing_corners work with report_timing?


The "config_timing_corners" command can be used to configure the process corner used with report_timing analysis.

How can I use the "report_timing" command to only enable one process corner analysis?


To only enable only one process corner, the second process corner must be disabled at the same time.

For example, to only enable the slow process corner, use the following "config_timing_corner" script.

# enable Slow Corner
config_timing_corner -corner Slow -delay_type min_max
# AND disable Fast Corner
config_timing_corner -corner Fast -delay_type none

report_timing -net -setup -file ctcnr.rpt -append
report_timing -net -hold -file ctcnr.rpt -append

AR# 47884
日期 08/26/2014
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