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2012.x Vivado - .../xilinx/my14/Vivado/2012.1/tps/lnx64/jre does not exist


I have just installed Vivado Design Suite, but it does not run. When I type "vivado -mode tcl" or "vivado," I get the following:

ERROR: /xilinx/my14/Vivado/2012.1/tps/lnx64/jre does not exist.
Unable to locate a valid installation of JAVA

Is there a problem with my setup? What could be causing this issue?


The Vivado 2012.x installation is dependent on data files and libraries from the PlanAhead and ISE directories in the ISE Design Suite installation. The way the dependencies work is:
  1. Any data files or executables found in the Vivado area will be used first.
  2. Then, if they are not found there, the baseline.txt location is checked and the files are found/executed in the baseline location.
Since very few files are actually located under the Vivado directory, most files (including the jre) will be found under the PlanAhead directory.

Verify the following:
  • Check to assure that PlanAhead tool and ISE Design Suite were correctly installed along with Vivado Design Suite. Example: If Vivado is installed in "/xilinx/Vivado/2012.1" you should see ISE and PlanAhead under "/xilinx/14.1/ISE_DS/ISE" and "/xilinx/14.1/ISE_DS/planAhead"
  • Check to see that baseline.txt exists in the data directory under the Vivado directory (for instance,/xilinx/Vivado/2012.1/data/baseline.txt)
  • Verify that the content of baseline.txt points to the installed PlanAhead directory (with relative paths starting from the 2012.x directory). Example: ."../../14.1/ISE_DS/PlanAhead
  • Run planAhead from the ../../14.1/ISE_DS/PlanAhead/bin directory and verify that planAhead runs correctly.
AR# 47895
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