AR# 481


Xilinx 5.1 Install:Reinstalling ds391 on HPs may give "newer files exist"


On the 5.1.0 CD a case exists where reinstalling HP7 ds391 will cause the

pop-up message "newer files exist" to appear.


The cause is the list of "latest" files in one of the ds390.da alias files

has older file dates than the actual files on the CD.


This won't be seen on the initial install, or on an install of 5.1.0 on top

of 5.0.0. It will be seen on a reinstall of 5.1.0 on top of 5.1.0.

If it does occur, the message can simply be ignored; if you choose to

reinstall the file, it will simply overwrite with an identical copy. If you

do not, the original (correct) copy will remain.

AR# 481
日期 04/12/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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