AR# 482


XNF2WIR 5.x: Gives Error 210 if CY4 symbol is in design using pre XACT5 libs


Error 210: cannot find symbol <instance> of type CY4

XNF2WIR issues error 210 on a design using old libraries.

X-BLOX (or a Xilinx RPM) may insert carry-logic symbols into a design using
old libraries. These symbols did not exist in the old libraries, but are
included in the SHM4000 library so that programs such as XNF2WIR can access
them. The error occurs if the SHM4000 library is not listed in viewdraw.ini.


Include the shm4000 directory in the viewdraw.ini file, e.g.:

DIR [rm] c:\proser\unified\shm4000 (shm4000)

AR# 482
日期 10/01/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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