AR# 485


XNF2WIR ERROR 210 : could not load symbol of type [COULD_NOT_IDENTIFY]


XNF2WIR ERROR 210: Could not load symbol $4N660 of type [COULD_NOT_IDENTIFY].
Please ensure the correct libraries for the symbols in the
XNF file are specified in the viewdraw.ini file.

It is acceptable to use the XACT 5.0 tool set with old versions of the
Viewlogic library (pre-unified library). However, when using old libraries
you may experience error 210.

LCA2XNF 5.0.0 writes out an xnf file that is compatible with the unified
libraries. The recommended flow for back-annotation includes running XNFBA
after LCA2XNF. XNFBA changes the xnf file from the unified library format
to the format of the pre-routed xnf file, which is compatible with the
version of the libraries that are being used. If XNFBA is skipped, then
you will be running XNF2WIR on a unified library compatible xnf file and
error 210 will be produced.


The best solution is to run XNFBA, or run XSIMMAKE which automatically runs
XNFBA. If you choose to skip XNFBA then you can force LCA2XNF to write out
the xnf file in the old library format by using the "-v" switch.

Usage: LCA2XNF -v <LCA file name> [<XNF file name>]

AR# 485
日期 10/01/2008
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