AR# 4853


A1.5 Service Pack CD Install for Workstation. The CD is dated September 98.


Keywords: Install, service pack, sept 98, workstation, ws

Urgency: Standard

Description: Xilinx recently released the first service pack for the M1_5 software. Due
to the size of the update Xilinx has made available a CD version of this update. This
solution clarifies any installation issues for the workstation.

Also explains how to create a MYXILINX area.



Issues to be aware of:

1- The installer must be run in a writable directory. Run the install program on the
cdrom specifying the full path: (For Example: /cdrom/srvcpk/install)

2- The installer does not support the MYXILINX directory and variable. The installation
destination must be a current installation of M1.5_19.

3- The destination path must be specified from the root directory (/home).


The installer does not support the use of a MYXILINX area. This will explain how to
create this area.

1- Create the MYXILINX directory in /home/user_name/MYXILINX.
2- cd to the root of the cdrom.
3- cd to the srvcpk/sol or srvcpk/hp directory depending on the operating system.
4- Run the following command: cp -rp * /home/user_name/MYXILINX

Note: Creating a MYXILINX area can result in possible problems for devices that are
not installed in the XILINX area. This is because a subset of the required data files for
a specific family are installed to the MYXILINX area and not the XILINX area. This
results in families and parts showing up in the Design Manager and EPIC as valid
families/parts. Using these families/parts can result in errors in the software. To avoid these problems do not run the software on families/parts not
installed to the XILINX area.
AR# 4853
日期 08/23/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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