AR# 4892


Foundation Simulator: Cannot Find Free Formula Stimulator when running command (script) file


Keywords: free formula stimulator, f1.x, script editor, command file, ald_wfm

Urgency: standard

General Description:

When using the ALD_WFM command in simulation script file, you may see the
following error:
Cannot find free formula stimulator

This error is indicating that all of the 16 Aldec Formulas have been used. When
using the ALD_WFM command, the simulator is creating custom Formulas which
you may also enter via the Stimulator Selection dialog. There is only space for
16 of these formulas. Each time a new formula is specified via an ALD_WFM
command in the script file, one of these 16 formulas is used. When all 16 spaces
are filled, you will get the error indicated above.

To view the Formulas in the Stimulator Selection dialog, select Signal -> Add
Stimulators from the Simulator window. (You must have at least one signal added
to the Waveform Viewer to be able to bring up the Stimulator Selection window).
In the Stimulator Selection dialog, hit the Formula... button. You will now see all of
the used formulas shown in the Set Formulas window, and you should see that all
16 are being used. There are a couple alternatives of workarounds at this point.



If you see some Formulas listed in the Set Formulas window which you know aren't
being used anymore, you may delete these to free up some spots for new
formulas. Simply select the desired formula, and hit Delete.


If you must use more than 16 formulas, you can change some of them from using
the ALD_WFM command in the Script File to use the WFM command. These 2
commands perform the same type of functionality, but the format you use is
slightly different.

The format for the WFM command is as follows:

wfm signal_or_bus_name at_time_1=state_1 at_time_2=state_2 ...

wfm signal_or_bus_name (at_time_1=state_1 at_time_2=state_2 ...

wfm signal_or_bus_name <file name

NOTE: In all formats, time is expressed in 100 ps units, unless explicitly stated

For example:
ald_wfm my_sig L100H100L100H100
would become:
wfm my_sig @0=0 100ns=1 100ns=0 100ns=1

For more examples and documentation on using this WFM command, please refer
to the Foundation online Help:
Help -> Foundation Help Contents
Hit the Help Topics button, and in the Find tab, type WFM. Locate the Help topic on
this command.

Type the word WFM in the Script Editor, and then double-click on it to highlight it.
Hit the F1 key to invoke the context sensitive help on this command keyword.

AR# 4892
日期 08/12/2003
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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