AR# 4967


Foundation F1.5 - Foundation HDL tabs do not allow local menu options to save FPGA Express messages


Keywords: Foundation, FPGA, Express, save, copy, messages, errors, warnings

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
In the stand-alone version of FPGA Express, a local menu is available to save the information printed in any of the three tabs (errors, warnings, messages) in the lower part of the window. This local menu allows you to copy the data, save the data for that tab to a text file, or save the data from all the tabs to a text file. Information presented here is not available in the synthesis reports generated by FPGA Express.

This copy/save function is not available in the Foundation Project Manager.


To access these commands, you must open the stand-alone FGPA Express GUI. The Express project file (.EXP) can be found below the project directory, in a directory of the same name as the project. For example, the VHDL version of the Watch tutorial can be found in C:\fndtn\active\projects\watchvhd. The Express project file is found in C:\fndtn\active\projects\watchvhd\watchvhd.

Either double-click on the .EXP file, or open the stand-alone Express GUI via Start > Programs > Xilinx Foundation Series > Accessories > Foundation Express. Then, select File > Open Project, and select the .EXP file.

Use the right mouse button within any of the three tabs at the bottom of the GUI to copy or save report data.
AR# 4967
日期 06/14/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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