AR# 50280


2012.4 Vivado, PlanAhead - Can a third-party synthesis tool be integrated in the Vivado and PlanAhead tools?


I would like to have the Vivado or PlanAhead tool automatically use a third-party synthesis tool (e.g., Synplify) when selecting Synthesize Design in Flow Navigator or running synth_design in a Tcl flow.

Is there an interface option or tcl command that calls third-party synthesis tools in the background when using the Vivado or PlanAhead tools?

Are third-party synthesis tools integrated in the Vivado or PlanAhead tools?


Third-party synthesis tools are not integrated as part of the Vivado Design Suite or PlanAhead tool.

The output NGC file of a third-party synthesis tool, XST, or a Synplify project can be imported into the Vivado tool to create a new Vivado project and implement the synthesized design.

There are no interface options or hidden tcl commands to enable third-party synthesis tool integration. However, third-party synthesis tool integration is being considered for a future release.

AR# 50280
日期 12/07/2012
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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