AR# 50334


13.4 EDK - CIP HDL files not included when importing existing peripherial


When importing custom IP through the Custom IP Wizards the following message is displayed:

No HDL source file(s) are compiled into current logical library

No HDL files are being copied into the custom IP.


Workaround: Copy the custom IP and change the revision manually.
For Example:
  1. Create a simple custom IP.
  2. Copy the custom IP folder.
  3. Change the folder name to an appropriate name..
  4. Change the revision from customip_v1_00_a to customip_v1_00_b in the following files in the new IP folder:
  • In customip.vhd change lines 72, 73, and 380.
  • In customip_v2_1_0.pao change lines 9 and 10.
AR# 50334
日期 09/15/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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