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14.1 EDK - Export to Hardware produces Internal Data Exception: xps application failed!


When Exporting to Hardware from within PlanAhead 14.1 with Launch SDK selected (Select File > Export > Export Hardware), It is possible to receive an internal data exception as follows.

 ERROR: [Common-49] Internal Data Exception: xps application failed!


More information can be found on the reason for the error in the PlanAhead Tcl Console:

 Checking platform address map ...
IF NOT EXIST "\\yyyyyy\xxxxx\zzzzzz\project_ug873\project_ug873.sdk\SDK\SDK_Export\hw" @mkdir "\\yyyyy\xxxxx\zzzzzz\project_ug873\project_ug873.sdk\SDK\SDK_Export\hw"
pscgen -mhs system.mhs -expdir \\yyyyyy\xxxxx\zzzzzz\CASE_923965\project_ug873\project_ug873.sdk\SDK\SDK_Export\hw
Error opening file C:/Xilinx/14.1/ISE_DS/ISE/data/zynqconfig/code/ps7_init.c \yyyyy\xxxxx\zzzzzz\project_ug873\project_ug873.sdk\SDK\SDK_Export\hw/ps7_init.c
ZynqConfig: Terminated for pscgen mode
psf2Edward -inp system.xmp -flat_zynq -dont_run_checkhwsys -dont_add_loginfo -edwver 1.2 -xml \\yyyyy\xxxxx\zzzzzz\project_ug873\project_ug873.sdk\SDK\SDK_Export\hw/system.xml
Release 14.1 - psf2Edward EDK_P.15xe (nt64)
Copyright (c) 1995-2012 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserved.
ERROR:EDK:3349 - Can not write to output xml file
ERROR:EDK:446 - psf2Edward initialization failed
make: *** [\\yyyyy\xxxxx\zzzzzz\project_ug873\project_ug873.sdk\SDK\SDK_Export\hw/system.xml] Error 8
Error while running "make -f system.make exporttosdk".
ERROR: [Common-49] Internal Data Exception: xps application failed!


Is this a known issue and can this be avoided?



This is a known issue in 14.1 and a CR has been filed against this application. 

Essentially an internal application psf2Edward is not resolving network paths correctly and as a result files cannot be written.

 To work around this issue, there are 3 options available:

  • Run on Linux as the paths are correctly resolved on Linux. This is a Windows specific problem.

  • Run on a local drive instead of a network drive.

  • Manually run the psf2Edward command in the console notes above from the directory which contains your xmp file.

    1. In the above case that is //yyyyy/xxxxx/zzzzzz/project_ug873/project_ug873.srcs/sources_1/edk/system.
    2. It is also necessary to manually copy some files from the installation to the hw directory.
      Copy "ps7_init.c", "ps7_init.h" and "ps7_init.tcl" from$XILINX/data/zynqconfig/codes to"\\yyyyy\xxxxx\zzzzzz\project_ug873\project_ug873.sdk\SDK\SDK_Export\hw".
    3. Now run Export Hardware and the issue should be resolved.


AR# 50373
日期 06/25/2014
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