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How do I compile the SecureIP library in Compxlib for Modelsim?


What is the Compxlib command to compile the secureIP library in V13.1for Modelsim? There is no mention in the documentation on how to compile this library.


SecureIP is included for compilation when you select any other library such as UNISIM either in the Compxlib GUI or by running command line. Chapter 25, of the Command Line Tools User Guide (UG628), can assist you in running your initial compilation via command line. Please keep in mind that there is a special switch used with simulating SecureIP found in Appendix A of the Synthesis and Simulation Guide (UG626).

vsim -t ps -L secureip -L simprims_ver work.<testbench> work.glbl

AR# 50444
日期 06/03/2013
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